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 New Member's Visual Basic 6.0 Project - Stop Watch Without a Timer

  Stop Watch Without a Timer

I told Yazan I would try to have a section of my VB6 Help & Teaching done & ready to upload it but I still have lots to do to it ...More

Programmer : ICE

Get it Now with Source Code open

 New Member's Visual Basic 6.0 Project - Picture Viewer Plus

  Picture Viewer Plus

Inside the zip file you shouls have, 4 VB6 Components, 1 working .exe (in a folder named Working App)

1 Screen Shot (the screen shot was taken when I zoomed in, On the pic so it was a lot bigger then original picture.  .... More

Programmer : ICE

Get it Now with Source Code open

 New Member's Visual Basic 6.0 Project - Simple & Fast Picture Cropting

 Simple & Fast Picture Cropting

Now for some info on the Program. Again the Complete code wil be below the info, its easy to use open the program, click on File: then click on Open:

Then search for a picture to try it on, then when you have picked a pic click Open on the Dialog box,   ... More

Programmer : ICE

Get it Now with Source Code open

 New Member's Visual Basic 6.0 Project - Simple Password Protecting your Programs

 Password Protecting your Programs

This is just showing a simple way to protect your programs with a password

Stopping anyone from using them if they do not know the password.   ... More

Programmer : ICE

Get it Now with Source Code open

 New Member's Visual Basic 6.0 Project - Talking Clock by Rajesh

  Talking Clock by Rajesh

clock with date and many more by rajesh

Programmer : Rajesh Shrestha

Get it Now with Source Code open

 Time Up 3 - Demo v.4 Released!


2 New Levels Created!

 New features will be added to our Best Game on the site, Time Up 3. After Flashlight supported in our Demo V.3, Now we provide the player with Portable Mobile includes 3GP Map for game playing, Camera with Digital Zoom (lol), Notebook to help you save numbers, in add  to more features mobile can includes. Yes, it's Time Up 3, the game which we aim to be a Real Game! and has Real Life while Playing! New Demo v.4 Released!

Notice : Game still under improving, only Demo Version available to download provided with old source code :)

    Time Up 3 Demo v.4 Includes :
  • Now Player provided with Portable Mobile includes Camera, Photos, and GPS Map
  • 2 New levels created
  • Mixing items improved
  • Link feature added
  • Camera Improved
  • Game speed improved
  • New effects added (Fire, Smoke, Water,..)
  • Collisions Improved
  • Story continued
  • Demos functions increased

Download Last Game Demo with Old Source Code

Watch New Video of Demo

 New Section - 3D Models

Download Players Models [MDL files]

Download Animals Models [MDL files]

new models will be available as soon files uploaded..

 New Visual Basic 6.0 Game - Street Fighter 3D Game

 Street Fighter   3D VB 6.0 Game

New 3D game made by Zaid Markabi, the best programmer on the site, and as his old great projects, this one will be also with source code open for every student.

you can play with 4 persons. the area in this game damaged, dark and horror.

VVV  Get It Now with Source Code Open  VVV

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